Founders Hemp

Founders Hemp


Announce a joint partnership between the Hemp and Textile Industries in North Carolina by introducing Hemp Squeeze, a CBD-Infused Compression Sleeve for the arm and knee. 


We wanted to have a solid media and public presence in North Carolina before a national product launch was set for Hemp Squeeze. We coordinated a press conference with the following goals in mind:

  • Announce CBD-Infused compression arm and knee sleeves called ‘Hemp Squeeze’ 
  • Announce a joint partnership between the Hemp and Textile Industries to reinvigorate the North Carolina textile industry and bring quality jobs to the area
  • Educate people about hemp and how it can be used to help grow other industries 
  • Create ‘buzz’ in the industry prior to a national product launch


Through a combination of proactive efforts, Martin Communications successfully secured 114 media hits in a variety of national, trade and local media outlets for an estimated ad value of more than $148,000 and a total media impressions value of approximately 16 million readers/viewers. National placements included Markets Insider by Business Insider, YAHOO! News, CNN and The New York Times. On-air broadcast mentions and full segment features on local Fox8 News and Spectrum TV added a sharable and viral component to the news. Additionally, many of these segments ran multiple times and were also featured on the station’s website.

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Hemp Wear Publicity
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