Windjam Properties

Windjam Properties


The existing website was not performing well for a client. Their traffic numbers were very low resulting in poor analytics (leads, appointments, conversions, and sales).  The overall design and user-experience also needed to be updated and enhanced.


Instead of trying to fix issues with the current site, Martin recommended a website redesign which included the following action items:

  • Creation of a new, updated design which was more brand-focused, user-friendly and a better sales tool for online shoppers
  • Incorporation of high-res photography that was more relevant and best showcased the client’s product and communities
  • Rewrite of website copy and content infused with SEO terms
  • Incorporation of an IDX feed that would work properly for users and enhance SEO
  • Post-launch SEO strategy to increase organic traffic


When comparing the previous website to the new website, the overall SEO ranking increased 13% while Google rankings increased 14%. Total users on the website increased 55.49% and users from organic search increased 22.61%. Numbers are expected to climb as monthly SEO is performed on website.

User feedback showed the new website to be more engaging as it better told the client’s story and better highlighted the client’s products and communities.

Windjam Properties Website
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