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While building our client's website, our team focused on the primary goal of the customer: sales. We tasked ourselves with developing technology, ProspectsRevealed, that would improve their overall website performance and specifically help them get more sales leads. Once ProspectsRevealed was implemented on the client's site, the client determined that they would need a dedicated salesperson to manage and nurture the increased amount of leads that started coming in after the launch. Keeping up with this amount of leads is very time-consuming. Adding a customer relationship management system, and having a dedicated person to nurture the sales leads helped to overcome this hurdle.


Use logic to better engage with traffic that is coming to our client's website before prospects even fill out a contact form. That engagement is developing and nurturing sales relationships stronger and faster, resulting in more appointments, better conversion rates, and more sales. This logic is similar to what you find on retail sites that serve you personalized recommendations based on your searches. Of course, some choose to fill out forms, so that gives us a head start on marketing back to them.


Within three months of launching the site, the Key Performance Indicators are outstanding and continue to improve daily. Here are just a few of the impressive KPI's we are seeing for this homebuilding client.

Website Users +49%
SEO Traffic +29.09%
Leads 178.45%
Sales +37.89%

ProspectsRevealed is automated to reduce workload, and can integrate with the best CRM software applications, preventing human error. This program can work for a wide range of industries with various goals.

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