Laura McAliley

    Vice President

The Ties That Bind are Her Passion

There is a strong sense of team that stands above the drama many organizations encounter. At Martin, we’re fans of each other–and encourage one another on the good days and the hard ones. We’re respectful, kind, and supportive. These characteristics are hard to find in a company–it’s something Laura tries to instill in the team, our clients and thus, it organically extends to internal and external campaigns that get results.

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.
Seth Godin

Thinking Bigger is an Everyday Habit

From the largest campaign, to projects for start-up clients, Laura’s ability to be thoughtful, strategic and to think bigger–and then pull the team together to execute accordingly is not by chance, it is a passion that embodies everything she touches. A marketing professional for almost two decades, all of those experiences equate to higher and higher level service and clients.

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Her Favorite Brand Touches Her Daily

Amazon has created an on-demand, personalized, signature experience that has changed forever consumer and retailer engagement. After decades of selling products—and knowing exactly what people are buying, and when they are buying it—Amazon has started cutting out the middle-man by selling self-produced items. They are the driver of new technology, and only today, was served an ad for their newest service: Amazon Housecleaning services….brilliant.

The Stuff That Matters to Laura

Work life balance is crucial. She is a very committed, enthusiastic person, and her passions are clear. Give 100% to the project at hand, but not at the cost of God, Family or her tribe. Her champion causes are feeding the hungry and expanding community. She is likely to be seen volunteering at church, on a date night with her husband, watching her daughter compete at equestrian events, or at the craft beer pub enjoying time with friends.

Thinking Big—and Executing Bigger...

When tasked with developing a brand awareness campaign around the rights to name a new species of gecko, Laura got excited. The client, a line of reptile products named Zilla, purchased the rights to name the gecko. The public relations project pulled in a professor from Villanova who discovered the species, Weekly Reader, Petco, and 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from around the country. Supporting the campaign named Project Gecko, Laura lead the team that garnered media coverage, coordinated three on-site events on the same day in different states, and honored a 4th grade girl from New Jersey who will forever be represented in science books for naming the species.

Accounts of Record:
Georgia-Pacific Professional  |  Hydroxatone  |  Goodwill Community Foundation  |  Precise Pet Products  |  Central Aquatics  |  rmsource
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