Take Advantage of the “Off-Season”

Published by Martin Communications

Based upon your type of business, there are times throughout the year when business is booming and business is slow. If you’ve been tracking those ups and downs then you naturally plan for those slow times by holding back revenue from the boom times to finance your business through the slow ones.


But what if you want to even things out and have a steady influx of business and revenue throughout the year? As trends come and go, and change from year to year, how do you predict those unexpected times and work your “off-season” into an “on-season”? Try a few of these off-to-on ideas:


  1. Think about the “obscure” holidays. You can tout your business or services by celebrating random days such as “National Sibling Day” or “National Hotdog Day”. Make it fun and engage your customers or clients in a way that connects with your chosen holiday, which will keep you first in their mind—and create more business for you.
  2. Where are your customers when your business is slow? Meet them where THEY are. Are they vacationing at the beach? Advertise in coastal publications. Fly a plane with a banner up the coastline. Or in ANY area where you think your target is escaping to. You get the idea. You’ll be the ones they remember—and your “slow time” just became faster…
  3. Throughout the year, there are thousands of events from sports to competitions to grand openings and more. Sponsor an event that occurs during your “off-season” and create a presence that will move you ahead of your competitors (because they didn’t think of that!)
  4. Make up a contest. Everyone loves to win, so make up a contest during your off-season that will create a buzz in your area. The bigger the prize, the better the response. If possible, have a little something for everyone who enters, whether it’s a coupon, keychain or whatever—your business will be the hottest thing going during your contest period of time—and new business will follow!
  5. Engage your target when they normally would not be using your services by making them WANT you. Appeal to their fears or their emotions surrounding your brand. Put questions out there through local advertising or social media that will make potential clients want to use you to ease their mind or invoke that emotional response you triggered.
  6. Lastly, social media can propel you into your target’s hands by carefully planning posts, blogs, and tweets to when your target is most active or likely to be online. Take the time to interact with your targets—a few well-written responses yield more revenue than a smattering of unplanned and unengaged social media posts.


These tips are but a few that Martin Communications uses in strategically planning to bring more business to their clients. We turn “off-seasons” into “all-the-time seasons” and can do it for your business. Contact us today—thinkmartinfirst.com and turn your business ON!

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