What Are “White Hat Best Practices” in SEO and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Published by Martin Communications

Think back to childhood—good cowboys always wore white hats while the bad cowboys wore black hats. To understand the term “white hat SEO”, think in cowboy-terms: white hat SEO focuses on writing to a human audience that is organic and tangible, compared to “black hat SEO”, where tactics are sterile, computer-generated, and designed to “trick” the search engines behind the scenes.

White Hat Practices Defined

White hat strategies for optimizing your rankings are essential for companies making a long-term investment on their website. White hat SEO practices involve using keywords and keyword analysis, back-linking and link building to improve popularity - while writing content for human readers. Search engines like these strategies because they build relationships through the links, with live and relevant content. The more “human” the input: the higher your SEO ranking.

Grow Your Business

By implementing white hat strategies, you can grow your business exponentially. Take advantage of using keywords to attract attention and make sure those words relate directly to your content – naturally. Readers engage with content that feels authentic, not stuffed with keywords to make Google happy.

Create content that is timely, up-to-date, and of-use to your target. Find interesting links and weave them into your website as you write. By including images in your content marketing, you can increase engagement by more than 40% over other sites.

A few specific ways to be the “good guy” and rank higher include paying attention to your word count, developing and using a list of relevant keywords, producing engaging headlines and linking to external links. White hat SEO strategies produce effective, long lasting, and ethical improvements to your website that are always good business practice.

At Martin Communications, we are experts at incorporating “white hat” business practices and we partner with clients everyday to grow their business and achieve their goals.  See for yourself.  

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