Why Home Builders Should Use Houzz

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martin communications houzz marketingHouzz has been a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to social media marketing for home builders. Houzz is a one-stop shop for anyone seeking ideas on home building and design; therefore, if your business has ANYTHING to do with houses or home projects, you NEED to be active on Houzz.Houzz caters to anyone looking to remodel or create a custom home space. Users are able to save photos to idea books, create project boards, and contact Houzz Pros about setting up jobs or asking questions about a project.

Potential home buyers are able to view design options for every tiny facet of their property, and likewise home building companies can substantially market themselves to those clients through project boards, photo collections, polls, and overall engagement with anyone who saves your home design photos or asks questions about your home building.


Let Houzz Create Buzz For Your Brand

 Ready to create your company page on Houzz? Here are some tips to get some great marketing power:

·      Set up a complete company page

o   Houzz lets home builders create a professional company page. This enables you to be searched for by name or under the “Find A Pro” section, so make sure you optimize for your business area.  It is important to impress home buyers with your pro page buy utilizing your best, professional home photos, and add descriptions for your company and projects, plus make sure you have links to your website and contact information. 

·      Post projects

o   Show off your expertise by creating projects highlighting your different projects. 

·      Utilize company insight through polls, activity, and other profile features

o   Reach a larger groups of users with your polls, check activity to see who may have been saving and viewing your photos so you can reach out to interact with them. 

·      Create ideabooks to show off special features you offer. 

o   Take detail photos of your door pulls, crown molding, lighting features, etc. 

·      Answer questions in a helpful manner-even if they aren’t about your products. 

o   For example, if a customer asks about a type of crown molding design, offer some insight about the material discusses and offer some alternative material considerations, if possible. 


Think Martin First

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