Why is DNN Right for Your Company?

Published by Martin Communications

DNN, aka, DotNetNuke, is a full-featured web CMS (Content Management System) which enables your company to create or update content easily while keeping a fully-customized and branded website. Talented developers and a vast active community recognizes DNN as one of the most simple and cost-effective solutions for managing your company’s website.

Here are the top four reasons why we use DNN to manage our client’s websites:

1.  It's Microsoft-based.

Although Linux-based systems dominate the web world, most business servers are running Microsoft systems. Our clients will often have custom in-house systems on Microsoft SQL Server for storing their data. As we also use Microsoft SQL Server for our data warehousing, it allows us to easily integrate between a client's systems and the websites we build for them.

For example, we have a homebuilder client who stores all of their data: community, inventory, and floorplan information—in-house through a custom system based on MS SQL Server. Using previous web developers, this same information needed to be manually maintained by the client as well on the website, thus wasting a lot of time. Martin Communications took their data and automated a daily synchronization between their MS SQL Server and ours, thereby eliminating any data duplication and saving valuable time and money.

2. It’s secure.

DNN is subjected to far fewer successful hacking attempts than WordPress. While WordPress security has significantly improved, and hacking is much more sophisticated, DNN remains extremely secure. No system is immune: but DNN has been threatened far fewer times than other CMS systems. And we like these odds for our clients!

3. It has easy and powerful backup and restoration capabilities.

Every database system provides some level of backup and restore, but MS SQL provides methods that make these moves extremely quick and doesn't inconveniently lock out other transactions during the process. Combine that with powerful Azure backup for web files—and backup and restore capabilities are painless and quick without requiring significant web site downtime.

4. It allows for custom database and web development.

Clients do not fit in a "one size fits all" web solution. Most of our clients have unique needs for their website. Communicating and sharing data to and from third-party or in-house systems is often standard. DNN and MS SQL Server allow ease of development and flexibility to solve your needs without being boxed into specific solutions that might not meet every need for your business.

By using DNN, we can provide what you need, how you need it, and make your website look seamless and appealing to your customers. Other CMS systems often struggle to allow custom content to be added, and if they allow it, it may be time consuming (and expensive) to develop and maintain, as well as limit function and design.

We make it easy—so you can focus on growing your business—instead of being stuck in the weeds with technical details. If you want to learn more about how Martin Communications can optimize your website using DNN, contact us today at 833-284-4656 ext. 706


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