Five Key Social Media Tips For Homebuilders

Published by Martin Communications

Every company needs a solid social media strategy. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about the unique marketing challenges facing homebuilders, and we have some helpful tips to consider for your next plan. So what can builders do to better promote their brand and their homes on social media?

Pay attention to what your social media profiles say about you. First and foremost, put some effort into designing your social media profiles. Carefully choose images and draft copy that give users a snapshot of your company, and make sure all elements are consistent with your brand identity. Keep information up-to-date and schedule a periodic internal review of all network profiles.

Know your audience. Or in this case, both of them. Solid social media strategy should always address your target audience as part of a bigger marketing objective. Homebuilders know they have two important audiences to address through social media – potential homebuyers and realtors.

Note who your followers are – and where the best engagement opportunities lie. Social media is a fantastic place to interact with the realtor community. Have a realtor’s offer you’d like to promote? Or a big open house event coming soon? Find creative ways to acknowledge these important partnerships and periodically post messages that speak directly to your realtor audience.

Gather all the insight you can about users in the market for a home. We’ve found that potential homebuyers aren’t just interested in homes and communities. They’re interested in information relating to all aspects of home ownership and the home buying process. Don’t miss this chance to truly connect with homebuyers and showcase your brand as a builder. Communicate what matters most to your company. Think about your overall marketing plan and what makes you stand-out as a builder; then clearly communicate that through your content.

Plan your content. All clients – not just homebuilders – benefit from developing a month-by-month plan for social media messaging. The plan comes together when you consider marketing goals for the month, seasonal or timely content you should include, and the best tactics and message timing to reach your audience. To boost your following, integrate paid and organic tactics into your plan. Vary your content and don’t focus solely on sales messages.  

Even the best plan should not be set in stone. Be prepared to react if it becomes necessary to shift messaging at any time.

Images matter. It can’t be stressed enough – it is so important to use quality photography on social media. Each image posted on social media represents your company, and after all, each post featuring a home or community is a potential sales opportunity.

For the homebuilder, this means taking your social media images seriously – just as you would for an inventory flyer, brochure, or any marketing piece you would produce.

Track your results. Analyze your social media reporting and measure the metrics that matter most. Look for patterns and identify the content that attracts the most engagement. Have a clear understanding of how your social media efforts are driving traffic to your website and generating leads – or not. Then shift strategy to achieve better results.

We’re pros at seeing the big picture and managing the small details of a social media campaign. And, we’re proud that Martin Communications has a long-standing history of guiding homebuilders to marketing success that translates to sales. See some of our work here, and let us help you with your next social media plan!



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