Health Wear? Two industries are joining forces and making it a reality.

Published by Martin Communications

What is Health Wear? It’s the next generation of clothing involving hemp. You read that right. Let’s talk a little history first.

The North Carolina textile industry was an essential part of the state’s economy. But in the early 2000s, textile facilities were being moved overseas or they risked being shut down. Two companies are promising to make a change.

Martin Communications recently coordinated a press conference for our client, Founder’s Hemp,  North Carolina’s first registered hemp processing company and Nufabrx®, a biomaterials technology company – together they introduced CBD infused compression sleeves and we’re loving the partnership.

News is now out that these two industries, Hemp and Textiles, have been testing and developing a compression sleeve garment, called Hemp Squeeze, using Founder’s Hemp CBD Oil. The hemp extract is infused into the fibers of the Nufabrx yarn, a patented technology that delivers 3-dimensional, 360°of active relief to the elbow and knee. Sounds ah-mazing!

What does this all mean? A few noteworthy things.

Bob Crumley, Founder and CEO of Founder’s Hemp wants to link hemp to textiles to help break the stigma against hemp. Let’s think about hemp differently, how can hemp be used to help grow other industries? This partnership is taking a brand new industry - hemp, and taking an old industry - textile and they’re using new technology to help rejuvenate textiles in North Carolina.

Specialty products, like infused textiles found in Hemp Squeeze, are one way to bring quality textile jobs back to North Carolina. Founder’s Hemp and the Nufabrx headquarters are both located in NC, delivering consumers 100% American made products.

No longer does a consumer need to remember to take multiple pills, use messy creams or patches; they just need to get dressed! From basketball players and fitness fans to golfers and gardeners, professional athletes or weekend warriors, health enthusiasts everywhere will be able to squeeze into “compression” garments to ease muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain.

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