Martin Communications: Celebrating 10 Years of Doing Good Work for Good People

Published by Martin Communications

In 2011, our fearless leader Jenny Martin Burke decided to go into business for herself. Armed with 20+ years of experience in all things marketing – many of those years focused on television and radio media strategy – she set out to create a company that “Does Good Work for Good People.” She wanted to help businesses of all sizes share their messages, promote their products and services, and establish foundations to achieve their sales and marketing goals. With the support of her long-time client, Goodwill Community Foundation® (GCF), Burke formed Martin Communications, a full-service digital marketing agency that gives personalized service to its valued clients and offers its employees the ability to achieve a work/family balance.

10 years later, Burke’s vision of an innovative firm with a family-friendly employee culture has become a reality with over 40 clients (hundreds more with all of our web hosting clients) and the most talented and hard-working group of marketing and branding experts in the industry. While the Triangle has been a wonderful area to grow a business (Research Triangle Park, prestigious universities, strong economic structure…we really do live in a great place!), the last decade has not been without its challenges. Our company was founded right in the middle of the Great Recession, a time when the home building industry – a major contributor to our economic development – almost came to a standstill. Our strong ties to the home building industry (several of our team members have worked for builders and developers and Burke was a construction manager for 18 months!), made this period a hard one both personally and professionally. However, we persevered. We stayed true to the principles we were founded upon and we focused on giving our clients the best service and the best results possible. We are more visible than ever in the area Home Builders Associations, we give back to the community through non-profit involvement, and we are creating solutions for both existing and future clients. A year ago, we rolled out our new product, ProspectsRevealed, programming logic which tracks the users' journey as they navigate your website. We use that logic to serve your visitors messages and incentives that are most relevant to that search. We automate the logic so it can interface with your CRM database software and track leads and sales.

This year, we formally launched Data Mining Solutions, a product that creates customized database solutions based on your individual needs. We can aggregate data and help determine how you want to see that data. For example, trends, average cost of materials, employee efficiency, and so much more.

It is that commitment to what we do and who we do it for that has culminated in loyal partnerships with several clients. Remember GCF? Burke has now been working with them for 20 years and has developed a relationship built on trust and doing the right thing. While there are larger companies out there, Martin Communications is not small. We have cultivated partnerships with key members of groups and organizations across a vast array of industries. We are constantly growing and learning, staying on top of the latest trends and designs and technology to take our clients to the next level. We decided that if we take our clients to the next level, it organically takes us to the next level which is a win for everyone. Another component that makes Martin Communications different from other marketing agencies is our work environment. We have worked remotely since 2011, allowing our team the flexibility to manage family life and professional life in a way that fosters creativity and makes it possible to take advantage of opportunities. We challenge each other to think outside of the box and rely on one another’s strengths. We are not micro-managed and we each have a voice that we feel comfortable and confident to use.

When you work with Martin Communications, you are working with experienced experts. You will receive the hand holding and attention to detail expected from a smaller company with the talent, contacts, and resources of a larger agency. There is nothing in the world of marketing and advertising that we cannot do for you!

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