ProspectsRevealed – An Exciting New Tool for Increased Lead Generation

Published by Martin Communications

You work hard to get people to your website, but 99% of your website visitors remain anonymous and unknown to you.

But, what if you could customize your company website experience to identify visitors and turn prospects into leads?  Traditionally, this could be done only by convincing visitors to fill out a form or interact in a chat box.  But by using, ProspectsRevealed, a robust tool powered by Martin Communications, you can now more effectively reach visitors without requiring them to chat or fill out any forms. 

How Does It Work?
ProspectsRevealed is about making your website work better and producing more revenue with the information on prospective clients who are already visiting your website but cannot be seen by you without specific action on their part.  The technology is very versatile, and the necessary programming can be added to your existing website. 

The programming logic of ProspectsRevealed tracks the users’ journey while navigating your website and is used to give your visitors messages and incentives that are most relevant to their searches.  The logic is automated so it can interface with your CRM database software and track leads and sales. 

What ProspectsRevealed Is NOT

ProspectsRevealed does not reach website visitors by using outdated and inefficient methods such as:

  • Email Harvesting
  • List Purchasing
  • Additional SEO
  • Banner Ads

What ProspectsRevealed Does
ProspectsRevealed is a new technological innovation that helps you to:

  • respond to customers’ interests with information they desire.
  • learn your customers’ interests as they peruse your site. Then you can utilize customized offers that your costumers care about most.
  • interact with your site visitors based on their preferences.
  • filter down to those prospects most interested in your offerings and send them messages encouraging a relationship.
  • capture more prospects with your existing web traffic, turning cold leads into warm or hot ones, which equates to more conversions and sales.

Check out our case study  for a deeper dive into how our technology has improved a client’s overall web performance and increased sales leads.

If you’re looking for more qualified leads and conversions, ProspectsRevealed is here to help!  Please reach out for a custom proposal, tailored to fit your needs.

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