Branding: Cowboys Do It, So Should You

Published by Martin Communications

Cowboys brand their cattle: they sizzle their ranch’s unique brand on the sides of their herd. Not only does it identify the cattle as belonging to a particular ranch, but it also deters rustlers from stealing. The permanent “burnt” brand is one that only the ranch can claim; therefore rustlers are swiftly put in jail when caught with cattle branded by another.


The same with your company. Your brand is your signature. Your unique “look” that sets you apart from the rest and only you can claim. Branding your company begins with a marketing plan targeted to identify your audience, your strengths, weaknesses, and special characteristics—determining just what sets you apart from the competition.


Your brand, just like the iron brand of a rancher, is completely your own. It is your identifier—something that no one else can duplicate. It should permeate every point of your business. From your logo, to the fonts and colors used in your collaterals and advertising, to your tagline and messaging. Every marketing and advertising decision to be made should reflect your brand at all times. Every time a current or potential customer touches your brand, they should have the same experience. Deviating from that brand can cause confusion to your audience—and allow your competition (rustlers) to come in and steal away your business, clientele or both.


Start your brand off right: We are brand-experts. We know your market and we can put you on a path to making a splash with your brand. As for the competition? The “rustlers”? We won’t get them put in jail—but we’ll leave them in the dust!

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