What Do Garages and Sticky Notes Have In Common?

Published by Martin Communications

A garage holds vehicles. It’s a place to build derby cars, fix toasters, store the mower and change the oil. A sticky note holds to anything you put it on. You can slap it on the fridge, a mirror, your computer screen, and your bosses’ door. 


But what do they really have in common? A garage is a place. A sticky note is an object. But garages and sticky notes both have taken small ideas and made them big. In a world where everything starts with nothing, that place (a garage) and that object (a sticky note) have birthed and nurtured ideas to incredibly successful levels.


Amazon started in a garage. So did Apple. And Disney, Google, and Harley Davidson. In a garage, you don’t have to be neat. You can be messy. You can let yourself loose. Laugh with your buddies and throw ideas around while you bang a nail, screw in a screw or sing as loud as you want. How many bands started in a garage? The Who. Nirvana. Your son’s! The freedom of expression and the space to create is where garages reign as think tanks that can lead to tremendous success.


3M began as three guys in a garage trying to develop better sandpaper. But when it came to the sticky note, 3M had a lot of problems with its value and production. Thankfully, 3M wised-up and sticky notes took off and not an office in America was without them. They became the brainstorming, mental multi-tasking tool of the century. With the effect of a clean, calming, blank screen, anyone who possessed a stack of colorful little squares could map out their thoughts, business plans, and share with buddies storms of ideas. Sticky notes quickly became that “little square garage” of “anything goes”—the mini-think tanks that took small ideas and turned them into big ones.


So get messy in your garage. Jot down your brain-dump fury onto paper squares.


But whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep creating and trust those ideas that “stick.” They can lead to your success—whatever your dream might be.

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