How To Ask For Reviews

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social media marketing martin communicationsBuilding your business presence online can be hard; there are so many places to be active it can be difficult to connect with all your potential clients everywhere online.

As marketing and branding experts, we have a few tips on how to:

  • ·      better engage your audience
  • ·      target your clients
  • ·      increase engagement
  • ·      ask your clients for online reviews. 

Getting Google Reviews

Google is the golden goose of client lead generation. You want your business to rank in the first few search result pages, and part of getting a high rank is having genuine positive reviews along with strong content, social engagement, and relevant information. 

But how do you get better engagement and capture those reviews? You may have already reached out to clients asking for reviews; but often you’ll find people are just busy and tend to forget about leaving positive reviews unless you engage them in a way that calls them to action. So, instead of the blanket “Leave us a review” statement, next time try these:

  • ·      How Was Our Performance?
  • o   One of the best questions any brand can ask its clients. This shows your clients you value their feedback, and you are giving them a directive to talk about their personal experience of your performance. Even though it may not seem much different from a “please review us”, for your clients, trust us, wording is everything. 
  •            ·      How Can We Help? 
  • o   This is a strong engagement-building question and lets your clients know you care about answering their questions, addressing their concerns, and getting them the right information they seek. Be careful with this question though, because it does open the door for complaints. Be ready to quickly answer complaints and pull the conversation off social media by sharing a phone number where they can elaborate their complaint to someone that can fix it. 
  •            ·      Who Wants To Win A Prize?
  • o   Contests and Sweepstakes are great ways to increase engagement and followers because any time you give people the chance to win something, you will get their attention. A simple way to increase engagement and gain reviews is to run a contest where anyone can get “entries” by following you on a social media platform, sharing the contest, and offering an extra entry for past clients that leave reviews on Google. 
  •              ·      What Do You Think?
  • o   People love to share their opinion, so ask them to do it! This can be especially effective for companies such as home builders where you can share a staged room photo and ask for opinions. 

Think Martin First

Overall, you want to ask questions and LISTEN. The best marketing and branding companiesdo just that-they listen and respond.  So get going and build your engagement-and drop us a note to let us know how these tips worked for you! 


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