Do You Know How To Engage Your Clients On Social Media?

Published by Martin Communications

These days, marketing your business must be more than print ads.  Getting your business in social media marketing allows you to connect with an entire demographic of clients who are spending hours of their free time engaged in social media interactions. 

If you aren’t on social media, you are missing out on marketing to numerous potential clients and business leads. However, you have to do more than just create accounts. You must be 

  • ·       Active
  • ·       Informative
  • ·       Engaging

How To Engage Others On Social Media

For a company, social media marketing can seem straight forward-you create an account and talk about your products, right? 


To truly turn your product into a brand that draws the attention of online users, you must do more than peddle your wares. You must engage and interact with members of social networks in a way that inspires them to come back for more. 

 So what can you do to inspire followers to come to your social media profiles and connect to your site? 

 Make your social networking a platform for conversation, NOT just a location to link your products. That means:

  • ·      Share interesting community information about the market you sell your products. 
  • ·      Share new products in a fun way, i.e., ask readers how they would use a product, host a give away of one of your products, or share news about product popularity, uses or awards
  • ·      Comment on other users profiles-especially those of potential clients. Share their funny stories or photos, root for local sports teams and charity organizations and interact with them through comments. Be particularly aware of finding and connecting with people in your market areas.
  • ·      Never engage in controversial or dividing topics. You don’t ever want to alienate some of your followers, because every single one of them could one day become a client. 

 Ready To Start Being Social?

 Remember conversation is two sided. Just because social media is online doesn’t mean your conversation can be only one sided. Just like you don’t want to spend time with someone that only talks about themselves, your readers don’t want to interact with a company that only posts messages, but never responds to interaction or questions. 


Most importantly, make sure any comments or interaction from others on your social media platforms gets a personal response from you. If you need help getting started, or don’t even know how you can fit in the time to manage the many social media accounts you need to create and keep active, give Martin Communications a call. We are here to help you create, cultivate and perfect your brand marketing.

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