We Are Thankful

Published by Martin Communications

We’ve grown so much this year – new people, new clients, new perspectives and new experiences. It’s been an amazing ride – and we’ve all just gotten on. We’re excited about what’s to come.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make what we do exciting and fun. So, here’s a celebration of blessings from our team:

Jenny is thankful…
…To work with such a talented, dedicated and loyal group of people.
…For clients who push the limits and allow us to think way out of the box.


Jatana is thankful…

…For both co-workers and clients alike that extend grace in the midst of mistakes.  We’re all human! 

…Most of all, I’m thankful for Jesus and His unconditional love. 


 Derrick is thankful…

… that Steve Jobs invented the Mac. It makes his "job" easier.
… To work with such an amazing, passionate and dedicated group of people.


Lorrie is thankful….

…For clients who challenge us with fun, creative projects the get our juices flowing.

…A team that supports each other even after the work day ends.


Rebecca is thankful…

…for color, because without it my job would be very dull

…For new experiences everyday that expand my knowledge and skills


Laura is thankful…

…. #hastags #theyimprovemywordrecognition #andabilitytoreadwithoutspaces

… I’m thankful for collaboration – without it marketing would be lonely.


Cheri is thankful…

…For everyone that has touched and impacted my life, whether positive or negative. This is how you become thankful, humble and learn what the word “grace” means. 

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