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At Martin Communications, we make it a practice to "Think Big and Execute Bigger" for all of our clients. Explore our blog which features the latest insights, tips, and trends in the digital marketing industry.

Triangle Parade of Homes

It’s that time of year for the Triangle Parade of Homes! We invite you to come tour our client's nine entries and learn more about Capitol City Homes’ newest communities!

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Secure Yourself Now—Identifying Email Scams, Frauds and Viruses

Just this week, we received the most legitimate and scary phishing attempt yet, as the email included one of our personal user ID's and a password as "proof" that they hacked an individual computer. Email, in fact, is likely the easiest method for cyber criminals to gain access to your computer or hijack for money. Due diligence must be used in discerning the legitimacy of emails, even if they appear to come from trusted sources.

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Why is DNN Right for Your Company?

DNN, aka, DotNetNuke, is a full-featured web CMS (Content Management System) which enables your company to create or update content easily while keeping a fully-customized and branded website. Talented developers and a vast active community recognizes DNN as one of the most simple and cost-effective solutions for managing your company’s website.

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Why Super Bowl Ad Strategies Need To Change

Most of us in the ad industry watched the Super Bowl LII last week for more than just the game. We love the ads. Our social media feeds were teaming in real time with discussion about the good, the bad, and the great strategy.  

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Understanding The Simple Complexity of UI/UX

Many creatives now include UI/UX in their title. Arguably, it’s something the good ones have been experts at for years. However with the move to digital engagements — online, in the cloud, and in corporate intranets — this skill set has expanded in need and scope. 

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New Year, New Websites

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Colorblindness and Graphic Design

Colorblindness by definition is the inability to distinguish between certain colors. It’s estimated that about 8% of males and 0.5% of females are born colorblind. That may seem like a low number, but as graphic designers for a large audience, it is vital we create designs that are usable for over ten out of every hundred people who are colorblind.


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High-Pressure Marketing: What We Can Learn From The Instant Pot Product Story

Here at Martin Communications, we have a small cult following of the Instant Pot – today’s versatile, easy-to-use pressure cooker. The Instant Pot isn’t just how some of us make home-cooked meals for our families on weeknights – it’s also a really cool marketing success story.

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Martin Communications Merger Announcement

We’re thinking big…together!

We have some exciting news about the growth of Martin Communications. At the beginning of November 2016, we officially joined forces with our long-standing partner, Net By Design. 

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How Businesses Miss The Mark On September 11th Promotions

Here are three questions every business leader should ask themselves before trying to gain attention and sales by tying into holiday promotions.

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